About TSM
Welcome to The Shepherd's Ministries. We are a UK Charity fully committed to building strong families and raising godly children. We offer unique training programs geared towards supporting families and bringing up children in the way of the Lord.

The need to include children in the full life and ministry of the Church cannot be overemphasized. More than half of the world's population are children, but surprisingly they are still the least evangelized group.

We have to realize more than ever that children form an inseparable part of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, they are equal members of His body and should be allowed to take their place in His body. They can minister when given the chance and must be ministered to.

Let us join forces together and raise children who are proud emissaries of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The Shepherd's Ministries
5 Brookehowse Road, London SE6 3TJ
  • Our Vision

    That every Christian family will be a fertile ground for raising godly children; being living and active members of a local Church and playing a practical and dynamic role in world missions.

    We further aim to offer support to enable families to grow on the solid foundation of God's word, so that every Christian family becomes fertile ground for raising godly children who play an active role in the local church.

    We also desire to see individuals, groups, children and youth ministry leaders equipped with the relevant tools to teach, train, and raise godly children and youth, who will carry the baton of godliness into the coming generations.

  • Our Purpose

    To help individuals, families and groups to discover God’s plan for families and child rearing, to equip and release them to attain the ultimate goal of raising godly children.

    God intended the family to be a place where everyone could grow together in godliness, in unity, and in the knowledge of Him.

    Furthermore, God planned for marriages and families to represent Him. The book of Malachi brings to light God's desire for families." But did He not make them one, Having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring" (Malachi 2:15a NKJV).

    God's desire for families and children is a passion we hold dear to our hearts, and we want to help rebuild families based on godly values.

  • Our Mission

    • Bringing parents into the reality of parenting, with God as the great example.
    • Helping parents to fully employ their image of God as a Father and as a magnet in bringing up their children.
    • Raising confident and accountable parents who know God's will for parenting and do so in line with His word.
    • Restoring family devotion and godly worship in the home.
    • Bringing families into an awareness of the need to engage in global missions.
    • Equipping youth leaders and children ministers with essential tools to train and teach youth and younger children.
    • Giving children opportunities to exercise their gifting in local church and in global mission.

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