Activities For Parents
The role of a parent is one of the most underrated jobs in any society but in fact, is the most important job that anyone could ever desire to undertake. We at The Shepherd's Ministries are well aware of the rigors involved in bringing up even a single child. Children do not come with a manual and none of them are in any way alike. Parenting one in a particular way does not define the blueprint for the next. Every single child is unique and needs unique attention to go with him or her.

We at The Shepherd's Ministries provide a range of activities designed to help parents and families at any stage they may find themselves.

ParentingPoint Club is a safe forum designed for parents to come together in discussions and learn from experience. Other activities that we offer are the Parenting Course, designed to help parents raise Godly children while making it a joyful experience. Furthermore, to this, we also offer family support and organize parenting courses and conferences.
ParentingPoint Club

Not only is it a safe forum for parents to learn and discuss relevant issues, but a place to also receive encouragement, guidance, and support.

You would be surprised how many parents go through multiple challenges with raising their children, while other parents have found God-given solutions and learned from experience, different ways of addressing these same issues. Parenting club is a forum that brings these different sets of parents together so that these seemingly impossible issues that prevent them from raising Godly children can be resolved.

ParentingPoint Club is also a place where experiences and testimonies and success stories are shared so that families can build stronger relations with each other and get to learn that it is possible to raise God-fearing children who can be a light to their current generation.

ParentingPoint Clubs are situated in different locations around the country and tend to meet once every month. These dates are normally displayed in our annual calendar.

For further information, click here to visit the ParentingPoint website for new ParentingPoint Club meeting dates...
ParentingPoint Course

The ParentingPoint course is primarily designed to help parents raise godly children and to make parenting a joyful experience.

Our course content is based on sound, tested, and proven parenting principles.
It is fully designed in such a way that does not leave parenting to chance.

It is a cutting edge course which is only delivered by highly experienced
and trained parents.

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