Activities For The Family
Family Support

Healthy Family Workshops are designed to help individuals to grasp God’s Kingdom perspective for families and lay strong foundations for raising winning families!

Reaching out to families in need
Providing pastoral care
Conflict resolution
Crisis Support
Healthy Family Workshops

Join us in our healthy family workshop sessions where we get to discuss practical family issues. Why experience the same roadblocks that some families have had to experience? Learn how to side-step or overcome some of these unnecessary hardships by listening to practical discussions born from experience and based on scripture.

TSM is all about building strong families and raising godly children, so join us and other families to learn how to grow a family the line with God's originally designed.
Keep a look out for our next family workshop session...
Family Resource Centre

Provision of resource material for parents, guardians, children, and Children’s Workers.

Parenting crafts
Training in life and social skills
After-school activities including homework support
Advice and support in dealing with sexual issues/ teenage pregnancy, smoking, drug abuse, bullying, peer pressure, and other contemporary issues

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