Latest Prayer Bulletin
TSM Prayer Bulletin for December 2022 - January 2023

Pray along with us and with your families as we trust God to help us build stong families and raise godly children. You can also download the pdf version here
Thu Dec 1        Pray that God will give your children wisdom to discern what advice from friends that they should listen to and follow (Pro 19:20)
Fri Dec 2          Continue to thank God for the salvation made available for you through His Son (Titus 3:5)
Sat Dec 3         Pray that your children will love God's word passionately and live it as much as they can (Psalm 19:7-13)
Sun Dec 4        Pray that the Lord will help your children learn well and flourish in school and in the knowledge of the Lord (Prov. 2:6)
Mon Dec 5       Pray that your children will boldly stand as ambassadors of the gospel in word and in lifestyle (2 Cor 5:20-21)
Tue Dec 6        Pray that your children will be protected from the seed of the enemy being sown in schools today. (Rom 12:2, Psalm 25:4-5)
Wed Dec 7       Pray for godly honesty, transparency, and wisdom, in our marriage. (John 17:17; Colossians 3:9-10)
Thu Dec 8        Pray for the Lord’s blessing upon every seed sown by TSM partners (Zech. 8:12; Luke 6:38)
Fri Dec 9          Pray that God will enable you to minister the gospel of salvation to your children at an early age (Proverbs 22:6)
Sat Dec 10       Pray that God would bless your family with good health as you continue to serve Him (Exodus 23:25)
Sun Dec 11      Thank the Lord for His grace upon your life (Romans 9:16, Psalm 100)
Mon Dec 12       Pray that your children will accept Godly instruction correction and a desire to grow in the wisdom of the Lord (Prov. 19:20)
Tue Dec 13      Ask God to help us in forgiving and showing mercy and grace to our spouses. (1 John 1:9)
Wed Dec 14     Pray and ask God to lead you and your family in every decision you make. (Exodus 33:15)
Thu Dec 15      Ask the Lord to be the centre of your family. Pray that He enable your household to serve Him faithfully. (Joshua 24:15)
Fri Dec 16        Pray that the Lord may establish His unity and peace in your family. (Psalm 133)
Sat Dec 17       Ask the Lord to give you a fresh hunger to seeking Him, both individually and as a couple. (Psalm 63:1; Jer. 29:13)
Sun Dec 18      Pray that God will bring peace to Christian families Europe (Ps 29:11; Isa 26:3)
Mon Dec 19      Pray that the Lord will help you establish values and vision for your family that reflect Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 29:18; Romans 12:2)
Tue Dec 20      Pray for God’s mercy for the restoration of backslidden children (Jeremiah 24:7)
Wed Dec 21     Pray for Christians in government as they stand up for the gospel (1 Tim 2:2; 1 Pet. 3:15)
Thu Dec 22      Pray that your children will come to know the Lord at an early age. gospel (Mat 19:13-15)
Fri Dec 23        Pray that the word of God will be a light and lamp for your whole household (Ps 119:105)
Sat Dec 24       Pray that Christian families will know God’s provision during this time (2 Cor 9:8; Ps 34:10)
Sun Dec 25      Praise God for His continued protection for you and your family (2 Sam 22:3-4)
Mon Dec 26      Pray that God will continually strengthen the bond of intimacy and renew faithfulness in Christian marriages. (Ephesians 5:31)
Tue Dec 27      Pray that your children will love God's word passionately and live it as much as they can (Psalm 19:7-13)
Wed Dec 28     Pray for all missionaries labouring amongst children (Phil 4:13, Ps 18:32 - 35)
Thu Dec 29      Pray for your local Church assembly (Obadiah 1:17, Micah 4:2)
Fri Dec 30          Thank the Lord and pray that He continually guide and orders the steps of your in their walk with Him (Jer. 29:11)
Sat Dec 31       Pray for God to give you the spirit of discernment for the times. (Ps 119:66; Eccl. 3:1, 11)
Sun Jan 1        Ask God to fill Christian parents with a hunger to lead their children to Christ early in life (Mal 2:15, 2 Tim 3:15)
Mon Jan 2        Pray that God will surround our children with wise friends that will build them up in wisdom and in the knowledge of God (Prov. 13:20, Pro 18:24)
Tue Jan 3         Pray for God's word to be central in your home and family devotion. (Deuteronomy 11:19)
Wed Jan 4        Pray for all fathers to supportive and be godly examples to their children (Eph. 6:4)
Thu Jan 5        Pray for children’s friendships that draw them closer to God. (John 15:12-15; Proverbs 17:9)
Fri Jan 6          Pray for divine favour and wisdom for TSM partners (Prov. 8:12, Deut. 8:18)
Sat Jan 7         Pray for healing our marriages. Ask for mercy where we might have failed to demonstrate our love. (Luke 17:3-4; Mark 11:25)
Sun Jan 8           Let us look to our God and bow down before our God and maker (Ps 95:6; Pro 10:18)
Mon Jan 9        Pray for strength for our young ones that are facing trials (Romans 5:3-5, 1 Peter 4:12-13)
Tue Jan 10       Pray that the Holy Spirit will help our children to live as over-comers (Isaiah 35:3-4, Eph 4:31-32, 2Sam 24:10)
Wed Jan 11      Pray that all our children will experience the help and favour of God (Heb. 4:16)
Thu Jan 12       Ask God for His protective covering around your home even as the mountains surround Jerusalem (Ps 125:2; Isa 41:10)
Fri Jan 13         Pray for the restoration of godly love and joy in all Christian marriages (Ps 147:3; Psalm 51:12)
Sat Jan 14          Pray for healing, restoration and fruitfulness in all Christian homes (Malachi 4:6)
Sun Jan 15       Pray for strength for our young ones that are facing trials (Romans 5:3-5, 1 Peter 4:12-13)
Mon Jan 16        Pray for restoration of God’s comfort in Christian marriages (2 Cor. 1:4; Isaiah 51:3)
Tue Jan 17       Pray that your young ones will be grounded in the knowledge of who they are in God (Galatians 4:6-7; Romans 8:15-17)
Wed Jan 18      Pray that all your family members will be vessels of honour unto God (2Tim 2:19-21)
Thu Jan 19       Pray that God will raise up people to help elderly parents and couples during this time (Deut. 5:16; 1 Tim 5:8; Lev 19:32)
Fri Jan 20         Pray that TSM will continue to advance and establish God’s kingdom in homes and families all over the globe (Isa 54:2-3)
Sat Jan 21        Pray for healing and restoration for all abused children (Jer. 30:17)
Sun Jan 22      Ask the Lord for the Spirit of gratitude for our young ones (1Thess 5:18)
Mon Jan 23      Pray that God will be the defence around your family (Zechariah 2:5)
Tue Jan 24         Sing to the Lord a new song and praise Him (Exodus 15:1-3)
Wed Jan 25      Pray that God will use your family to be a blessing to during this period. (Mat 5:13-16)
Thu Jan 26       Pray for the equipping of youth pastors and children’s leaders. (Eph. 4:12-16)
Fri Jan 27         Give thanks unto the Lord for His mercy endures forever and He alone deserves all the glory and honour. (Psalm 107:1; 1 Thess. 5:18)
Sat Jan 28        Pray for an increased hunger for God’s word above every other desire in our lives (Ps 42:1, 1Pet 2: 2)
Sun Jan 29        Pray that all our children will experience the help and favour of God (Heb. 4:16)
Mon Jan 30      Pray that our children will meet with the Lord and know His will as they attend bible camps and conferences (Phil 3:7-9)
Tue Jan 31       Pray that your children will walk in the health and protection that God makes available for those who love Him and walk in His will (Rom 8:28)